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Welcome to Grand Forks Connect, the city's online conversation portal where residents of our great community can ask questions and discuss current topics that impact city government.

Below you will find topics for discussion.  If you can't find a topic that matches your question or comment simply go to the "In Our City" board and post your comment/question.  If a topic gains enough momentum on the "In Our City" board we will give it it's own topic board.

"Make It Happen" to do List

In 2017 we will be action oriented, focusing on executing well and significantly moving the needle on major issues.

That’s why the overall theme for today and for 2017 is “Make It Happen”.

Specifically, here is our “To Do” list: 

  1. Plan, fund and execute on vital community infrastructure;


  2. Help existing businesses flourish and encourage new investments. I call this being “Open for Business”.


  3. Cultivate a Smart & Healthy Community. Collaborate on action steps like tackling the addiction and the opioid crisis.


  4. Engage citizen taxpayers to important discussions early on with more listening systems in order to drive decision making.


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