The entire Grand Forks City Code can be found online at  Click Here for a direct link to the Grand Forks City Code.  The online version of the GF City Code is updated annually.

Below you will find a list of the recently updated ordinances:
Recently Adopted Ordinances
Ord. 4551-Crossing Streets, Jaywalking, and Obed/Trffc Ctrl
Ord. 4552-Alcohol Server Training
Ord. 4553-Members and General Provisions
Ord. 4554-Board of Health Composition
Ord. 4555-Rezone and exclude from Medvue PUD, Concept Dev Plan, Amendment #3 and include within Medvue PUD Concept Dev Plan and Amendment #4 all of Medvue Estates 5th Resub Div.
Ord. 4556-To amend the street and Hwy plan of Grand Forks to include the public ROW plat of Medvu 7th Resub
Ord. 4557-Amend zoning map/rezone and exclude DAY-HUD, Concept Dev. Plan Amendment #1 and include within Columbia Park PUD, Concept Dev. Plan Amendment #12
Ord. 4558-Ameding GF city code of 1987 Chapter XVIII Land Dev. Code