The entire Grand Forks City Code can be found online at  Click Here for a direct link to the Grand Forks City Code.  The online version of the GF City Code is updated annually.

Below you will find a list of the recently updated ordinances:
Recently Adopted Ordinances
Ord. 4551-Crossing Streets, Jaywalking, and Obed/Trffc Ctrl
Ord. 4552-Alcohol Server Training
Ord. 4553-Members and General Provisions
Ord. 4554-Board of Health Composition
Ord. 4555-Rezone and exclude from Medvue PUD, Concept Dev Plan, Amendment #3 and include within Medvue PUD Concept Dev Plan and Amendment #4 all of Medvue Estates 5th Resub Div.
Ord. 4556-To amend the street and Hwy plan of Grand Forks to include the public ROW plat of Medvu 7th Resub
Ord. 4557-Amend zoning map/rezone and exclude DAY-HUD, Concept Dev. Plan Amendment #1 and include within Columbia Park PUD, Concept Dev. Plan Amendment #12
Ord. 4558-Ameding GF city code of 1987 Chapter XVIII Land Dev. Code
Ord. 4559-Amend zoning map/rezone & exclude for Desoto PUD, Concept Development Plan, Amendment #1 to include within Desoto PUD, Concept Development Plan, Amendment #2 all of Desoto 2nd Addit. and 3rd Resub. to the City of GF located south of 32nd Ave. S, north of 36th Ave S and west of S 16th St.
Ord. 4560- Amend the zoning map of the city of GF to rezone and exclude from R-1 district and include within the R-2 district, Lot 1 and west 8 ft of Lot 2, Blcok 15, Cox's Addition the the city of GF, located at 2003-2007 S. 10th St.
Ord. 4561-Technical code corrections amending sections 11-0123, 13-1010 & 21-0205
Ord. 4563-Rezone of I-2 District to include within Green Pulp, Concept Development Plan all of Green Pulp Addn
Ord. 4564-Rezone Limited Business District to linclude in Central Business District part of Lot 5, all of Lots 7, 9, and 11, Block 10 Origianl Townsite to the City of GF
Ord. 4565-Rezone R-4 District to include in B-4 all of Lot * and some of Lot 6, Block 11 of the original townsite into the City of GF