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Emergency Exits and Fire Hydrants Need to Be Cleared

City of Grand Forks News Release - 12/05/2013

Contact: Kevin Dean, 746-INFO (746-4636)

Grand Forks, ND The Grand Forks Fire Department is requesting all residents and business owners check their emergency exits, to make sure they are passable and free of snow. Residents are also asked to ensure fire hydrants located on or close to their property are not obstructed or buried by snow.
With recent snowfall, many hydrants are partially or completely buried in snow and need to be cleared as soon as possible. Emergency exits that may not be used regularly should be checked for access and if needed, have snow removed.
Each year the Grand Forks Fire Department responds to hundreds of fire calls, many during winter months when candles, portable heaters and other potential sources of ignition are heavily used.
Questions about fire safety may be directed to the Grand Forks Fire Department at

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