Message from the Chief of Police

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This has been a trying time for our country’s citizenry as well as the law enforcement community. We live in an ever increasing violent society that is manifested almost every day on the evening news. There is a courageous group of men and women who proudly don a uniform and without reservation hit the streets to serve the citizens they have taken an oath to protect. These officers are willing to lay down their life in support of the oath they took to protect and serve.

The events in Dallas remind us just how dangerous the law enforcement profession can be. Yet, just under a million law enforcement officers maintain their resolve and continue to serve their citizens with pride and courage.

The Grand Forks Police Department is comprised of a dedicated group of men and women who live by the values of: Service, Partnership, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, and Obligation as the values that guide our actions. We truly live our mission statement which reads:

The Grand Forks Police Department, in partnership with a diverse community, is dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards in order to equitably serve and protect all individuals with respect and dignity.

As a police department we are only successful if we have the trust of the public. We truly are blessed to serve the citizens of Grand Forks. This past week there has been an outpouring of public support. This support has ranged from goodies being dropped off at the police department to the simple gesture our citizens walking up to our officers and thanking them for their service.

We have received several recent inquiries regarding concerns about law enforcement and public contacts. The overarching theme of these contacts addressed safety concerns. We have been able to successfully resolve those concerns. We would welcome any further inquiries into this matter.

On behalf of the men and women of the Grand Forks Police Department I would personally like to thank you, the citizens of Grand Forks, for your continual support of our department. Be assured that you have a dedicated group of professionals willing to do whatever it takes to serve you and keep you safe.

Chief Mark Nelson

Chief Nelson