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 Regional Median Home Sales Prices

Median Sales Prices 07-12


Median Home Value in Grand Forks

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2008     $139,500

2009     $147,100

2010     $148,800

2011     $151,800

2012     $154,100

2013     $159,000

 Median Home Sales Price in Grand Forks: 

2012 - $169,900;  2013 - $178,000

Statistics for Property Currently Available

Historically, a "healthy" local market typically has 200-250 residential units listed for sale.  For current MLS properties, contact a local realtor.  

What are houses selling for? 

  December 2015:  Median Sales Price was $224,000

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How many days are properties staying on the market?

December 2015: 82.6 days 

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Local Market Data

Statistics for Property Soon to be Available

To see what areas of town that have been platted recently for single family and single family attached lots, visit the Planning & Community Development page.

Building Permit Data

Single Family 
Single Family permits include duplex units



Information is current through December 2015, Data provided by City of Grand Forks.