2015 Construction Projects


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Below is an interactive map showing City infrastructure projects such as sewer, water, paving, street lights, etc. 
For information about building construction on private property, click here.

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Reconstruction of South Washington from 47th Ave. South to the South End Drainway.  Paving is completed on Washington, no detour as of September 4th 2015

July 6th 2015
   Sept.25th 2015

 Reconstruction of Columbia Road from 36th Ave. S. to 40th Ave. S.  Road is open there is some landscaping and electrical work remaining, a sidewalk will be constructed on the east side and a trail on the west side in the near future

 June 8th 2015
 6578  Rehab of Sorlie Bridge (Painting and Fixture Replacement) Alternating one way traffic will be allowed across bridge by temporary traffic signals. Painting and two way traffic will be restored about 10/3/2015
 June 15th 2015
 October 14th 2015